New York 2013 (Preparing + Day 1)

Hey everyone!

Here is my New York story.

After a little bit of searching for a good flight and hotel, me and 2 friends decided to go to The city that never sleeps -> New York.

For my friends it was the first time, I already went 3 times before. My first time was a school trip in 2009, we stayed at Sohotel in lower Manhattan. The second time I went with my aunt in 2011, we had a great deal on our hotel, and we stayed at The Muse (Times Square area). And last year I went with my mom, we stayed at Yotel. This time I decided it was time for some friends to meet the city!

The 17th of March seemed so far away, but eventually it was there! 🙂 We flew with Brussels Airlines to JFK where we got a taxi to our hotel. We stayed at Yotel again. It’s a recent hotel, very modern, and it has a good location (near Times Square). And guess who was on our flight… We had someone famous on board, well Belgium famous at least. It was Matthias Schoenearts! For those who don’t know him, you can look him up at

When we arrived at the hotel, we unpacked a little, freshened up, and we went out to explore some places. First we went to Times Square, we went into the Disney Store, The M&M shop. After that we were on our way to see Columbus Circle, the Empire Hotel and last the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. There we finished our first day, and went back to our hotel for some sleep.

Stay tuned for more New York!

Xoxo N.

If you are looking for a good hotel, make sure to check out these Hotels.
The Muse:










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