Food and Drinks Ghent

When visiting Ghent, there are a few places for food and drinks I like to go too. You should definitely try them out when your in Ghent!

There are 3 categories, and in every category I will address 2 places.

The first category is sweets. Because, admit… who doesn’t like sweets?

Klein Turkije 14
A new concept in Belgium, but very known for Americans. It’s the place to be if you want a frozen yogurt. It is a tasty and healthy snack because it has no fat and it doesn’t contain a lot of sugar. It’s a healthier version of an ice cream. In the winter they also sell american style pancakes and waffles with yogurt. When you want to get a froyo for yourself, you first choose what size you want, then you select the flavor of your froyo, and last you choose your toppings! Et voila, time to enjoy your fabulous frozen yogurt! 🙂

At the moment, they can be found in Ghent, Klein Turkije 14. But they are opening a second store in Antwerp, Eiermarkt 9, the end of april.

For more info check www.moochie.bemoochiemoochie 2

Kraanlei 13
Moving over to some other sweets, there’s julie’s. julie’s serves delicious cupcakes, pies, brownies in a tea-room cupcake setting. You can choose to eat them in, or you can take them to go.
They are also ideal as a gift. I would be really happy if I got one of those 🙂

For more info check www.julieshouse.bejulies

The second category is lunch/dinner. Because everyone needs some food now and then.

De Kastart
Onderbergen 42
De Kastart is known by many students, and is famous for it’s spaghetti Kastart. They make the best spaghetti I have ever tasted. Well, at least their spaghetti Kastart, because I haven’t tried anything else. This spaghetti is like a bolognese, but it is more of a creamier sauce. The prices are very good for the amount/quality you get, that’s also why a lot of students go there. Another interesting fact is that they serve their spaghetti’s in different sizes, so depending how hungry you are, you can choose the size.

For more info check www.dekastart.comde kastartde kastart 2

‘t Oud Clooster
Zwartezusterstraat 5
Not far from De Kastart you also find ‘t Oud Clooster. It’s kind of like a brown pub, except for the pub it’s a restaurant. It’s not a fancy restaurant, it’s just a regular one. The interior is equipped with some religious stuff, hence the reference to the name ‘t Oud Clooster. It’s a very small restaurant, but cosy, and the food is delicious. There’s nothing fancy on the menu, and it’s a rather small menu. But this is because they go for quality in stead of quantity in their choice of dishes. And as a bonus, it’s very budget friendly. Be sure to try it out if your in the neighborhood and you like a different setting.
Closed on monday and sunday. Open from 18:00 till ..

No website availablet-oud-clooster

Plotersgracht 8/10 or Gouden Leeuwplein 7
Another place for good food for a low price in a special setting. amadeus is known for its ribs. And it’s an all you can eat kind of concept. You get one piece of ribs, and when they are (almost) finished, you get another piece. Of course they also serve some other things for those who don’t like ribs.

For more info check www.amadeusspareribrestaurant.beamadeus

And the last category is drinks. Because from al that walking around, you get thirsty.

Jigger’s cocktails
Oudburg 16
A fun place to go for a pre- or after-dinner drink. The ideal place for a cocktail. It’s set in a 1930s speakeasy style with some Japanese accents. Another interesting fact is that they change their menu weekly, so you are able to try something new every week. Because of it’s great service it’s well known and frequently visited, so it could be interesting to make a reservation.

For more info check

Café Théâtre
Schouwburgstraat 5
If you want to have your drink in a more classy setting, you should go to CafĂ© Théâtre. It’s located in the ‘Opera House of Ghent’. Their bar is open daily from 10am. So you can go here any time of the day, from a stop-over while shopping to a pre-party drink. They also have a restaurant area where you can eat some delicious food.

For more info check theatre

If you are in Ghent, go and try some out. I hope you enjoy it!

Xoxo N.


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