Mouse mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are ever present. Not only in amusement parks and on tv, but also more and more in the fashion industry!

Mickey was already present on t-shirts, but now also on other fashion pieces like shoes and jewelry.

Christian Louboutin came out with a Mouse inspired pump, which is called the ‘Madame Mouse’. They gave a playful touch to a classic pump. It comes in 2 heights, one is with a 45mm heel and the other one is with a 120mm heel.

For more info check

Also twice as nice (a Belgium jewelry shop) came out with a Mickey collection. You can wear Mickey or Minnie on a necklace, as earrings, on your finger or on a bracelet. Prices start at 14,95€.

All the pieces are also available online at

Mickey always brings out the child in me and makes me happy 🙂 What about you guys?

Xoxo N.


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