New York 2013 (Day 4)

The fourth day (wednesday the 20th of March) in New York we started our day by taking the subway to the World Trade Center Memorial. When we got out of the subway, we first went for a quick breakfast at ‘au bon pain’. After that we went on to go to the Memorial. First you had to go trough security like you would at the airport. I think it’s a good thing that they have security, but I think it was a bit much. Then we finally got at the Memorial and it was an emotional moment. It’s unbelievable that so much people died there for nothing. I think they represented and honored the deceased in a nice way with the 2 waterfalls. After the Memorial we went on to the seaside for a tour along the Statue of Liberty. We took the Staten Island Ferry to sail past Miss Liberty. I personally think that the Staten Island Ferry is the most interesting way to do this. First of all it is free, and you get a good view of Miss Liberty and when you are further away to Staten Island you also get a nice view over the city. Afterwards we past by the bull of Wall Street and went on to the City Hall. From the City Hall we walked up to the arch of the Brooklyn Bridge. Here we enjoyed the nice view (there were constructions going on, so the view could have been a little bit better I guess, but it was still a nice view). We took some pictures and after that we went back to the City Hall because there was a food truck from ‘Wafels & Dinges’, and we got ourselves THE BEST (Belgian) wafel you can get! We carried on our tour trough Broadway and there we did a little shopping before going to the Washington Square Park. It was very nice seeing it in the evening. After all the walking we got hungry and went to the ‘Best’ Pizzeria in New York, John’s Pizzeria at Bleecker Street.

That was our adventure for the 4th day.

Stay tuned for some more New York adventures!

Xoxo N.

















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