Small fashion and beauty haul

In the past few weeks, I bought a few fashion and beauty things. Some of them were sales. Other items were new collection.

For fashion items I got a golden ring from Swarovski at Maasmechelen village (75% discount). I also got a pair of jeans from Liu Jo when I went to Ghent (30% discount). A few weeks ago I also bought a more sportive pair of shoes. They are by the brand Bluehaven (20% discount), for these I got inspired by Keds, but because I couldn’t find those, I wanted to buy something a bit similar. I like that they are so colorful.

I also got a few items that weren’t in sale. I got 2 dresses at Forever21. I just went in there not searching for anything particular and I found 2 nice dresses. The first dress is a high-low one. It’s a black one with a flower print. The second one I got is a black and white one with a cutout at the back. I tried both of them on and I realy liked them, and the best part, they are so inexpensive. The last thing I got were sandals. Normaly I’m not the biggest fan, but I saw them and I liked them and couldn’t leave them because they were only 15€. Not really a valid excuse to buy them, but hey, who doesn’t buy stuff just because you liked it. It are white sandels with some beads on them. I got those at a local shop during the ‘Gentse Feesten’.


I also got a few beauty items. Well not really a few, just 2 things. I got two of the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers. Mine are in the colors Stellar and Apocaliptic. The color Stellar is more of a bright pink one, while Apocaliptic tends more to the fuchsia side. They are one of the best lip lacquers I tried so far. They stay on for quite a while even when you eat or drink they tend to stay on. And the color payoff is phenomenal. A small amount goes a long way with these. I got mine at Kruidvat for 12€ for 2 (normally they sell for 11€ per piece).

If you are looking for drugstore brands, be sure to check out Kruidvat. They have some very interesting discounts at times.

Xoxo N.

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Thursdays beauty tips #5 – make-up meltdown

Hi everyone!

During the summer months I will give some little beauty tips. Every thursday a new tip will go up.

This weeks tip will take care of these small make-up meltdowns most of us encounter at least once especially on the summer months.

When it get’s hotter, your skin can be a bit oilier than other times and this can effect your make-up. Here are some small tips to keep the shine away. If you don’t want to carry to much make-up products with you, blotting paper is your ideal friend. When your skin is a bit shiny, just use the blotting paper to take off the excess oil on your face. Another tip concerning the blotting paper is that you can use a toilet seat cover, they consist of almost the same texture than blotting paper. So that can be useful when you don’t have any blotting paper on you and you need to touch up your make-up.

20130726-133132.jpgLeft to right, top to bottom: Sephora blotting paper, Twoo Faced blotting paper, Rimmel Stay matte pressed powder, Dior pressed powder.

A second tip is for those who do carry make-up with them. You can touch up your make-up using a powder. If you want one that helps keep the shone away, you can use a mattifying one. I wouldn’t recommend to cover your whole face in powder multiple times a day. You just use a small brush to put the powder on the places that are more oily at that moment. You can use both a loose powder or a pressed powder for this. I prefer a pressed powder because you sometimes can use a bit to much product when using a loose powder.

Come back next week for more beauty tips!

Xoxo N.

Thursdays beauty tips #4 – Scrubs

Hi everyone!

During the summer months I will give some little beauty tips. Every thursday a new tip will go up.

The summer is finally here and hopefully you get a little sunshine. Most people want a bit of a tan during summer and of course you also want to keep it for a while. I have 2 easy tips to get a tan and to keep it longer. I know that some of you tan very easily and others have a few more problems with it. It all depends on your skin.

These 2 easy steps can be implemented very easily in your beauty routine.
Te first step is scrubbing. By scrubbing you remove your dead skincells and trough that the sun rays can get easier access trough your skin so your tanning gets deeper which makes that your tan also stays longer. The second step is hydrating after sunbathing. When you treat your skin with care after sunbathing you can keep your tan longer. Hydrating also helps for keeping your tan. You can even use a hydrating creme with color pigment in. That way you keep your tan and you can gradually darken your tan.

The Body Shop, Soap and Glory, Rituals

Laura Mercier, Ole Henriksen, Philosophy

And a last tip, always use a sunblock while tanning to keep the bad effects of tanning away!

Come back next week for more beauty tips!

Xoxo N.

Product review – Rimmel Match Perfection foundation

Hi everyone!

Here is another review from a product I tried out. I needed a new foundation because my other one that I have is almost empty. And because my skin is a little more tanned than usual I wanted a shade that is a little bit darker so I don’t have to use much other products. But because I wouldn’t use a darker one that much, I didn’t want to spend much money on it, so I wanted to try one from the drugstore. I went for one from Rimmel because I heard a lot of people talk about it.

Finally I got the Rimmel Match Perfection – Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation. At first I wanted to try the Wake My Up one, but I tried it out and there is some glitter in it, and because I do tend to have a more oily skin I didn’t want to have that little bit of glitter in it. So that’s why I tried one of the other ones.

I am surprised that it is quiet a good one. I personally don’t need to apply that much. I think it has a good coverage. I would say medium to full, but it’s not quit yet there. I give it a medium+. When I first apply it, it has a bit of a rose undertone, but it blends out really well to a nice skin color. I have pretty red cheeks of my own and after a thin layer it is pretty much completely covered. It can be applied with your hands or a brush. I personally prefer to use a brush because sometimes it is easier to reach some places and it gives a more even finish. It also has SPF in it, which makes it interesting to use during summer. And another plus is that it doesn’t break me out.

There are a few colors in the range, but it is rather limited. But if you don’t find your matching color, you can blend 2 colors to match your skin tone. I chose for the color 300-Sand because it is a little bit darker.

There are of course better foundations, but for this price it is a very good one. It gets the job pretty well done. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Xoxo N.

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Thursdays beauty tips #3 – BB creams

Hi everyone!

During the summer months I will give some little beauty tips. Every thursday a new tip will go up.

This weeks tip is about BB creams. In summer you do want to cover up any imperfections, but when it’s hotter outside you don’t want to put a ton of make-up on your face. That is why it’s interesting to change your foundation to a BB cream. Foundations tend to be more heavier than BB creams. Therefor they will be a nice replacement.

A BB cream is a one-in-all facial cosmetic product. It can replace a serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. I personally use it to replace foundation.

There are multiple types of BB creams depending on what you want. Some give more coverage, others don’t give that much coverage. Some are waterproof, others aren’t. It depends on what you want from it, which one you should buy. But I do have to say that it is a little search to find “the perfect” one.

BB creams can be found in drugstores and also high-end beauty shops (Sephora (US), Ici Paris XL (BE)).

Here are some examples of brands that sell BB creams.
Drugstore BB creams


High-end BB creams



Come back next week for more beauty tips!

Xoxo N.

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All kinds of sunglasses

Summer is here, and that means more use of sunglasses!

A classic look is always pretty, but for people who want to have something more special or to stand out a little more, there are also other models of sunglasses.

A recent trend are the colored sunglasses and sunglasses in shapes and prints other than the usual.

I have gathered a few examples from both high-end brands and more affordable pieces.

High-end brands

20130709-210132.jpgThe first one here is from Ray Ban and is a model with colored glasses (available in other colors). The bottom left one is from Coach and has a print on the frame. The bottom right one is from Tory Burch and has a more classic black look.

20130709-210214.jpgHere on the top left you can find another one from Ray Ban and this one has a red frame. The ones from Gucci and Dior both have a printed frame buth they also have a bit of a classic look. For people who want to have a more bold pair of sunglasses, is the bottom right one from D&G a nice piece.

Target, Forever21, H&M (affordable pieces)
For those who want a pair of sunglasses that are in trend this season but don’t want to spend a ton of money, I also found some pieces that are more affordable.

20130709-210252.jpgThese four sunglasses can be found at Target. They have a wide range of sunglasses and most of them can be found in stores and online. The four pieces displayed here are not the classic sunglasses-look, they all have a little twist, going from prints to mint-green colors.

20130709-210324.jpgHere are some examples which can be found at Forever21 and H&M. You can find the regular black ones both at Forever21 and H&M. Colored ones can be found at H&M, like the ones displayed here at the top right corner of the picture. The middle one at the left side is from Forever21 and has butterflies on it.

In these bigger retailers you can also find other styles of sunglasses. Colored frames, floral prints, other types of prints, colored glasses, … You name it, chances are big you can find a cute piece for a good price.

What’s your favorite? Do you go for a classic look, or do you want a special pair?

Xoxo N.

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