Small fashion and beauty haul

In the past few weeks, I bought a few fashion and beauty things. Some of them were sales. Other items were new collection.

For fashion items I got a golden ring from Swarovski at Maasmechelen village (75% discount). I also got a pair of jeans from Liu Jo when I went to Ghent (30% discount). A few weeks ago I also bought a more sportive pair of shoes. They are by the brand Bluehaven (20% discount), for these I got inspired by Keds, but because I couldn’t find those, I wanted to buy something a bit similar. I like that they are so colorful.

I also got a few items that weren’t in sale. I got 2 dresses at Forever21. I just went in there not searching for anything particular and I found 2 nice dresses. The first dress is a high-low one. It’s a black one with a flower print. The second one I got is a black and white one with a cutout at the back. I tried both of them on and I realy liked them, and the best part, they are so inexpensive. The last thing I got were sandals. Normaly I’m not the biggest fan, but I saw them and I liked them and couldn’t leave them because they were only 15€. Not really a valid excuse to buy them, but hey, who doesn’t buy stuff just because you liked it. It are white sandels with some beads on them. I got those at a local shop during the ‘Gentse Feesten’.


I also got a few beauty items. Well not really a few, just 2 things. I got two of the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers. Mine are in the colors Stellar and Apocaliptic. The color Stellar is more of a bright pink one, while Apocaliptic tends more to the fuchsia side. They are one of the best lip lacquers I tried so far. They stay on for quite a while even when you eat or drink they tend to stay on. And the color payoff is phenomenal. A small amount goes a long way with these. I got mine at Kruidvat for 12€ for 2 (normally they sell for 11€ per piece).

If you are looking for drugstore brands, be sure to check out Kruidvat. They have some very interesting discounts at times.

Xoxo N.

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