What’s in my bag – small bag edition

Hi everyone!

I tend to have a lot of stuff in my bag, but when summer comes I try to take a smaller bag with me when I go somewhere. Because otherwise I take to many things with me that I don’t really need.

20130813-210221.jpgSo here is what I take with me in my smaller bag. My bag is a “clutch”-type bag from Armani and it is bright red. I bought this beauty when I was in New York 3 years ago. The things I take with me are the things I use when i’m out. First of all I bring my wallet with me. My wallet is a small one from Michael Kors and it has a snake-skin print. Then I also bring my phone with me, at the moment it has a flower-case on it. I also bring chewing gum, mine is from Stimerol. It is the Stimerol Senses in sweet mint. The little blue thing poking out on the bottom are tissues. I also bring some deodorant, especially in the summer, cause no one wants to smell bad. Mine is from Rexona and it is a small edition so it’s easy to carry with you. I also bring my cover stick from Essence for when I need to do dome touch-ups. I also carry a lip product with me, mostly it are multiple items. Here in the picture I have my EOS lip balm in summer fruits and a lip balm from Eucerin. And then I also bring the lip color with me that I put on in the morning. I also have a little tube from Ici Paris in my bag. It’s a tube you can fill with your own perfume so you can take a small amount of your favorite perfume with you. I also have a hand sanitizer with some jojoba pearls with me cause I like to wash-up my hands once in a while. On the left there are some pills, they are Neurofen. I always take some with me for when I should get sick. And last I have my sunglasses. I put them in a grey hard case. And my sunglasses are from Dior.

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20130813-210039.jpgI think I still take a lot of things with me, but it is certainly less than I take with me in my bigger bag.

What do you take with you in your bag?

Xoxo N.

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