Elf products (Eyes Lips Face)

Hi Everyone!

I heard a few things about ELF (Eyes Lips Face) products, and I wanted to try them myself. Therefor I went on the internet and got to their website (website…) and ordered some products.

I got 6 products for a total of 13 euros (around 10 dollar). I wanted some different products to try because I haven’t tried any of them. I got a bronzer, an eyeliner, a lip gloss stick, 2 eyeshadow sticks and a regular eyeshadow palette. They got a few different ranges in which their products vary from content and price. They have a studio line which is their more professional line. They have a mineral line which uses more natural mineral products. And last they have an essentials line which has essential items in it and contains their cheapest products. When I say cheap, it doesn’t mean that they are cheap products in the sense that they are bad, they just don’t cost that much. A lot of those products range between 1 to 3 euros/dollars.

I will tell you about my experience with the products I ordered.
Studio Bronzer – shade: warm bronzer (4€ / 3$)

This bronzer is from their studio line and has 4 shades in it. When I ordered it I was so thrilled to try it out because it looked like a really nice product. The packaging looks very luxurious. But I have to say that I was a bit disappointed when I tried it. It has a shimmer in it which I don’t like. I have an oily to combination skin and I don’t want to use shimmer on my face. When I buy a bronzer, I want to be able to use it all over my face, not just for contouring. I find that it is a bit difficult to do that with this product because of the shimmer. If it weren’t for the shimmer, it would have been a very nice product for it’s price.

Essential waterproof eyeliner pen – shade: black (1€ / 2$)
(you can see the liner on the picture with the jumbo eyeshadow stick)

Normally I don’t use a liquid liner. But I heard so much people talking about it, I wanted to try it out. I didn’t feel like spending a ton of money on it, so I tried the ELF essential waterproof eyeliner pen for 1€ (2$). I like this product, especially because it is so cheap, but it works good. It has a felt tip, which makes it a bit easier to apply than another liquid liner which has a brush. It is easy to use, it stays on for quite long. I didn’t get the chance to really test if it is waterproof, so I can’t say if it is a success in that area. But I like the product, and I would buy it again, you can’t go wrong for that price.

Essential jumbo lip gloss stick – shade: movie star (2,50€ / 2$)

I also tried the Essential jumbo lip gloss stick. Again, I heard so much people talk about different brands that has those lip pencils. And because I saw that ELF had them as well, I thought I give it a try. I really like this product. When you swatch it on your hand, it doesn’t look like it has an intense color, but the color payoff is quite nice on my lips. I do notice that they are darker and more red (which is the color I chose). They go on easily and they are not sticky. I do have to say that I use a clear lip balm under it, because I have a feeling that it does dry out my lips a bit, but I have very dry lips naturally, so that’s why I use an extra lip balm. But overall I am very pleased with this product.

Essential jumbo eyeshadow stick – shade: forest nymph and bali bound (2,50€ / 2$)

In the same trend as the last product, such sticks are also found for eyeshadow. A lot of brands have these eyeshadow sticks in their lines and I wanted to give these a try. I saw 2 colors that I liked and I couldn’t decide which one to take, so I ordered both. They do come in a few colors, but I wanted to try them in more darker colors, so I have a dark green and dark brown one. They have a bit of shimmer in them, but they don’t like glittery. They just have a shine to them. They are creamy, really pigmented and they blend easy. I like them to use in my outer corner and blend them into my crease. I really enjoy using these.

Essential brightning eye color – shade: luxe (1€ / 1$)

This is like a mini eyeshadow palette. And with mini, I mean it is really small. It contains 4 colors. Mine is in the shade Luxe and has one light beige color, a red/bordeaux color, a green/kaki color and a brown color. The pigmentation depends on the color. Some colors are more pigmented and others you have to put on more to see the color. I bought it mainly for the red/bordeaux color, because it’s a color I don’t have and never tried yet. But it doesn’t really come across like you see it in the packaging. I’m not to impressed with this product to be honest. I think you can get better palettes with a few colors for just a little bit more money, but still under 5€/5$.

Pro’s ordering ELF products: the products are very cheap and most of them are of decent quality. When you order online from their website, you get your order within 2 days.
Cons ordering ELF products: personally I think that their shipping costs are a bit high, especially because their products are so cheap. I wouldn’t order just 1 or 2 products because their shipping costs are around 7€ and that way you pay more shipping costs than product.
Other then that I really like it. For the price you can’t go to wrong, but it is possible that there are some products you won’t like. I will definitely order from them again, when I have found a few products I want to try.

Have you tried any ELF products? Which ones and did you like them?

Xoxo N.

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