Armani Jeans store opening Antwerp

Hi everyone!
Thanks to Nathalie from Curls and Bags I was able to go to the opening of the armani Jeans store in Antwerp on thursday. It was a very fun experience. We were treated with lots of food and drinks. It’s a very nice store, the outside has a more old-feeling to it, but on the inside it is modern, and I think it complements eachother well.

The store has two levels. On the ground level they sell the men’s collection, on the second level they sell their woman’s collection. You can find all things from clothes, to shoes, to accessories. When looking at the woman’s collection I noticed a lot of green and burgundy. And there was one jacket that was the eyecatcher in the store. It was a multicolored fur jacket as you can see on the photo.
You can find the store in Antwerp, Leystraat 30.

Xoxo N.

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