Trends fall/winter 2013

Hi everyone!

We are really getting into fall/winter now. It is getting colder and more dark outside. So time for our fall/winter outfit. Every season there are some trends, and I wanted to list a few of them. This fall/winter leather, fur, green, burgundy, tweed are some of the trends.


You can’t go without leather this winter. It doesn’t need to be a shiny piece but also a matte piece looks great! And you can go with all sorts of color, it doesn’t have to be black.


Almost every fall/winter season you can find fur in collections. And this year is no exeption. But leave the classics behind and go for a colorful piece.


Colors like darker greens and hunter green are in this season. You can find a lot of pieces in the collections of different brands.


Burgundy is the new black! You can’t go without a burgundy item in your closet this season. Just like the green you can go with any item you want. Pants, swaeters, dresses, tops, etc. I think it also looks great in a leather skirt.


When people say tweed, you immediatly think Chanel-jacket. Right, but this season tweed is all over the place. You can find tweed coats, skirts, pants and evens shoes! If you want, you can also go for an item in a neon color.

Other trends you can’t go wrong with are printed pants, oversized items, military items, and as always the classic black and white colors, and so on.

While writing this, I think I should look for some new pieces to complement my closet because I am missing some fall/winter trends in my closet! What trends do you like this season?

Xoxo N.

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