Trends fall/winter 2013

Hi everyone!

We are really getting into fall/winter now. It is getting colder and more dark outside. So time for our fall/winter outfit. Every season there are some trends, and I wanted to list a few of them. This fall/winter leather, fur, green, burgundy, tweed are some of the trends.


You can’t go without leather this winter. It doesn’t need to be a shiny piece but also a matte piece looks great! And you can go with all sorts of color, it doesn’t have to be black.


Almost every fall/winter season you can find fur in collections. And this year is no exeption. But leave the classics behind and go for a colorful piece.


Colors like darker greens and hunter green are in this season. You can find a lot of pieces in the collections of different brands.


Burgundy is the new black! You can’t go without a burgundy item in your closet this season. Just like the green you can go with any item you want. Pants, swaeters, dresses, tops, etc. I think it also looks great in a leather skirt.


When people say tweed, you immediatly think Chanel-jacket. Right, but this season tweed is all over the place. You can find tweed coats, skirts, pants and evens shoes! If you want, you can also go for an item in a neon color.

Other trends you can’t go wrong with are printed pants, oversized items, military items, and as always the classic black and white colors, and so on.

While writing this, I think I should look for some new pieces to complement my closet because I am missing some fall/winter trends in my closet! What trends do you like this season?

Xoxo N.

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Armani Jeans store opening Antwerp

Hi everyone!
Thanks to Nathalie from Curls and Bags I was able to go to the opening of the armani Jeans store in Antwerp on thursday. It was a very fun experience. We were treated with lots of food and drinks. It’s a very nice store, the outside has a more old-feeling to it, but on the inside it is modern, and I think it complements eachother well.

The store has two levels. On the ground level they sell the men’s collection, on the second level they sell their woman’s collection. You can find all things from clothes, to shoes, to accessories. When looking at the woman’s collection I noticed a lot of green and burgundy. And there was one jacket that was the eyecatcher in the store. It was a multicolored fur jacket as you can see on the photo.
You can find the store in Antwerp, Leystraat 30.

Xoxo N.

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September favorites <3 2013

Hi everyone!

It’s that time again for monthly favorites!

I didn’t try out much new products because it was kind of a hectic month. I graduated, I went cat-sitting for my uncle and aunt, I had to take care of some paper work and I am looking for a job now. So not to much time to buy new stuff.

Although I did buy one thing this month that made my favorites, and that is the Macadamia Moisturizing Rinse. It is a daily conditioner, you put it on after you used your shampoo and after a minute you rinse it out. It makes your hair so smooth and easy to brush, which is ideal for me because I have really tangled hair after washing it. I also have 2 lip favorites. When I don’t want to use a bold lip color I reach for my Nyx lipgloss in beige. It is just the perfect neutral color. Another favorite is the Clinique chubby stick in Super Strawberry. It is a slightly darker color, but it still is pretty neutral. I love the consistency of the chubby stick, it is moisturizing, it doesn’t dry out your lips and it has a good color payoff. For the eyes I have also 2 favorites, well actually 3, but the third one is the Covergirl under-eye concealer. It’s ideal to cover up dark circles. And the best thing is that it is moisturizing. I personally think it is important to moisturize the under-eye area, because it is a very delicate area that needs a good treatment. This month I used a lot of neutral eye make-up and for that I used my Wet’n’wild trio in Walking on Eggshells. This trio is ideal for a quick neutral look. And the last eye products is the Catrice Longlasting eye liner in black. Despite it is not a waterproof liner, it does stay on all day. I also use it when I go swimming, and even then it stays on. My last favorite is the grey Swarovski wrap bracelet I got as a present for the cat-sitting. A wrap bracelet was on my wishlist, but I didn’t really found one that could go with a lot of outfits, but this one surely does because I already wore it a lot.

What were your favorites during September?

Xoxo N.

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Karl Lagerfeld coming to Antwerp

Hi everyone!

Yay for all Karl Lagerfeld fans! Because he is coming to Antwerp. Well at least a concept store for his own line.

20130817-130451.jpgHe set up a business called Karl Lagerfeld. This business will distribute the collection of Karl Lagerfeld in Belgium and Luxembourg. And in Antwerp a concept store will open at the end of October. The business group GAB will determine who can sell the Karl Lagerfeld line. With this they try to reach a higher market segment of Belgium and Luxembourg.

More info to come on this!

Xoxo N.

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What’s in my bag – small bag edition

Hi everyone!

I tend to have a lot of stuff in my bag, but when summer comes I try to take a smaller bag with me when I go somewhere. Because otherwise I take to many things with me that I don’t really need.

20130813-210221.jpgSo here is what I take with me in my smaller bag. My bag is a “clutch”-type bag from Armani and it is bright red. I bought this beauty when I was in New York 3 years ago. The things I take with me are the things I use when i’m out. First of all I bring my wallet with me. My wallet is a small one from Michael Kors and it has a snake-skin print. Then I also bring my phone with me, at the moment it has a flower-case on it. I also bring chewing gum, mine is from Stimerol. It is the Stimerol Senses in sweet mint. The little blue thing poking out on the bottom are tissues. I also bring some deodorant, especially in the summer, cause no one wants to smell bad. Mine is from Rexona and it is a small edition so it’s easy to carry with you. I also bring my cover stick from Essence for when I need to do dome touch-ups. I also carry a lip product with me, mostly it are multiple items. Here in the picture I have my EOS lip balm in summer fruits and a lip balm from Eucerin. And then I also bring the lip color with me that I put on in the morning. I also have a little tube from Ici Paris in my bag. It’s a tube you can fill with your own perfume so you can take a small amount of your favorite perfume with you. I also have a hand sanitizer with some jojoba pearls with me cause I like to wash-up my hands once in a while. On the left there are some pills, they are Neurofen. I always take some with me for when I should get sick. And last I have my sunglasses. I put them in a grey hard case. And my sunglasses are from Dior.

<a href="http://missna

20130813-210039.jpgI think I still take a lot of things with me, but it is certainly less than I take with me in my bigger bag.

What do you take with you in your bag?

Xoxo N.

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Small fashion and beauty haul

In the past few weeks, I bought a few fashion and beauty things. Some of them were sales. Other items were new collection.

For fashion items I got a golden ring from Swarovski at Maasmechelen village (75% discount). I also got a pair of jeans from Liu Jo when I went to Ghent (30% discount). A few weeks ago I also bought a more sportive pair of shoes. They are by the brand Bluehaven (20% discount), for these I got inspired by Keds, but because I couldn’t find those, I wanted to buy something a bit similar. I like that they are so colorful.

I also got a few items that weren’t in sale. I got 2 dresses at Forever21. I just went in there not searching for anything particular and I found 2 nice dresses. The first dress is a high-low one. It’s a black one with a flower print. The second one I got is a black and white one with a cutout at the back. I tried both of them on and I realy liked them, and the best part, they are so inexpensive. The last thing I got were sandals. Normaly I’m not the biggest fan, but I saw them and I liked them and couldn’t leave them because they were only 15€. Not really a valid excuse to buy them, but hey, who doesn’t buy stuff just because you liked it. It are white sandels with some beads on them. I got those at a local shop during the ‘Gentse Feesten’.


I also got a few beauty items. Well not really a few, just 2 things. I got two of the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers. Mine are in the colors Stellar and Apocaliptic. The color Stellar is more of a bright pink one, while Apocaliptic tends more to the fuchsia side. They are one of the best lip lacquers I tried so far. They stay on for quite a while even when you eat or drink they tend to stay on. And the color payoff is phenomenal. A small amount goes a long way with these. I got mine at Kruidvat for 12€ for 2 (normally they sell for 11€ per piece).

If you are looking for drugstore brands, be sure to check out Kruidvat. They have some very interesting discounts at times.

Xoxo N.

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