October favorites 2013 <3

Hi everyone!

Oh my god! The months are going so quickly lately. Just two more months and we are in 2014. So this means it’s time for some monthly favorites.

First product that I liked is a haircare product. It’s the Macademia deep repair masque. I already bought it at the end of September, but because you can only use this product once a week I couldn’t tell back then if it was good or not. But now I can say that it is an awesome product! There will be coming a full review soon.
For skincare then, I really enjoy using the L’Oreal Sublim Soft eau micellaire. It is a toner and make-up remover in one. It’s ideal to use ase a toner/clarifying lotion to cleanse your skin. Or you can use it as a make-up remover. I use it as a replacement for the Bioderma eau micellaire. This product will also get a review soon.
And last I have two make-up products that I constantly use and love. One of them was in my september favorites as well. It is the Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry. It is such a nice product and color. It is great to throw on while your on the go. It’s easy to apply and it gives a nice color to your lips. The second one is also a lip product and it is a Mac lipstick in Amorous. It is the perfect fall/winter berry color! The lipstick glides on easily and is not really drying for your lips, and it is a beautiful color.

What were your favorites in October?

Xoxo N.

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September favorites <3 2013

Hi everyone!

It’s that time again for monthly favorites!

I didn’t try out much new products because it was kind of a hectic month. I graduated, I went cat-sitting for my uncle and aunt, I had to take care of some paper work and I am looking for a job now. So not to much time to buy new stuff.

Although I did buy one thing this month that made my favorites, and that is the Macadamia Moisturizing Rinse. It is a daily conditioner, you put it on after you used your shampoo and after a minute you rinse it out. It makes your hair so smooth and easy to brush, which is ideal for me because I have really tangled hair after washing it. I also have 2 lip favorites. When I don’t want to use a bold lip color I reach for my Nyx lipgloss in beige. It is just the perfect neutral color. Another favorite is the Clinique chubby stick in Super Strawberry. It is a slightly darker color, but it still is pretty neutral. I love the consistency of the chubby stick, it is moisturizing, it doesn’t dry out your lips and it has a good color payoff. For the eyes I have also 2 favorites, well actually 3, but the third one is the Covergirl under-eye concealer. It’s ideal to cover up dark circles. And the best thing is that it is moisturizing. I personally think it is important to moisturize the under-eye area, because it is a very delicate area that needs a good treatment. This month I used a lot of neutral eye make-up and for that I used my Wet’n’wild trio in Walking on Eggshells. This trio is ideal for a quick neutral look. And the last eye products is the Catrice Longlasting eye liner in black. Despite it is not a waterproof liner, it does stay on all day. I also use it when I go swimming, and even then it stays on. My last favorite is the grey Swarovski wrap bracelet I got as a present for the cat-sitting. A wrap bracelet was on my wishlist, but I didn’t really found one that could go with a lot of outfits, but this one surely does because I already wore it a lot.

What were your favorites during September?

Xoxo N.

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August favorites <3 2013

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time again for the monthly favorites. Time goes by so fast! Every month I will tell you guys what my favorite items were that month.

Most of my favourites were the same as last month, but there are a few new ones.

I still love my Bioderma solution micellaire to clean my skin and to use as a make-up remover. Another thing I use every time is my Good Luck Scrub from Rituals. It has an awesome orange/cedar smell. The products from Rituals feel very luxurious.


For make-up I have a few new favorites. First is a lip product from Rimmel. It’s the Apocolips in the color Stellar. Another new favorite is the Essentiel jumbo lip gloss stick in the color Movie star from ELF, which is a red color. I like it because it glides on easily and is not sticky, and another great thing, it only costs 2,50€ (= 2$). Another product I use constantly and love is my EOS lip balm in the scent summer fruits. I use this as a sort of base for my lips so they stay hydrated. Over to eye make-up, I’m still in love with my Inglot freedom palette. Another little palette that I used a lot and enjoyed using is my Wet & Wild (walking on eggshells), especially the color for the eyelid. I still use my Mac paint pot in the color bare study as my eyeshadow base. It’s a champagne-pink sort of color. When I don’t want to wear to much make-up I just use this as my eyeshadow color. As mascara I used my Maybelline the Rocket daily. I don’t realy have a nailcolor favorite this month, but I did love my Seche Vite fast drying top coat. It is a life saver when you want to repaint your nails often or when you just painted them and you need to go out the door.


I don’t have any fashion favorites this month. The weather changed a few times and therefor I was always wearing different things. I do have 2 accessories as a favorite though. I wore my Tiffany & Co necklace practically every day, and I’m still in love with it. It is one of those pieces that you could always wear. I picked this up when I was in New York with my friends, I wanted something from Tiffany’s and something that I could wear all the time. That’s why I chose the letter N for my name and the hart-shaped Tiffany’s pendant. Another item I wore all the time is my Fossil watch. It is a marble white one with stones around the actual watch part.


That were all my favorites this month. What were your favorites in August?

Xoxo N.

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July favorites <3

Hi Everyone!

I’m going to start with something new, namely monthly favorites. Every month I will tell you guys what my favorite items were that month.


20130806-212248.jpgFor skincare i really loved the Bioderma solution micellaire this month. I use it to cleanse my skin in the morning, and i also use it in the evening to take of any excessive make-up. It is really gentle for your skin. I have the Sébium version because it is for mixed to oily skin.


20130806-212423.jpgI love the Rituals Sensation shower gel in sweet orange and cedar and The good luck scrub in sweet orange and cedar wood. The scent is maybe not that summery, but it does smell so good! The scrub is a sugar body scrub and has a more coarser grain. The shower gel feels very nice. When it comes out of the container it is liquid but it sets a bit after a few seconds. The products give a spa feeling, they feel very luxurious.


20130806-212506.jpgI have a few make-up favorites this month. The first one is the Rocket mascara from Maybelline. This mascara gives your lashes volume, length and separates them. This mascara just does everything you want in a mascara. My second favorite is my Inglot palette I use one of the brown colors or the green one for a natural daily look. As a base I use my Mac paint pot in … which is my third favorite this month. A last favorite are my two Rimmel Apocalips. They have a really great color payoff and they stay on really long.


20130806-212559.jpgMy absolute favorite for this month is Essie’s Off the shoulder. It’s a bright pink color. I put it on multiple times this month and i’m sure I will use it more the rest of the summer. I like Essie polishes because they stay on for quite a while and they have really nice colors.


20130806-212642.jpgI have 3 fashion items this month. First of all I love my Michael Kors black studded flats. I have more Michael Kors shoes and they are all amazing. They fit so well and they don’t hurt my feet at all. And they look so great. It’s a win-win situation! Second piece I loved this month is my high-low dress. It’s a black one and it has lovely flowers on it. I only got it 2 weeks ago and I already wore it three times. It’s an ideal dress to wear on a casual day as well as a more dressed-up day. My last favorite item for this month is my Michael Kors bag. It is the large Cynthia logo satchel. It’s a big bag so I can fit al my necessities in it. I love the color and pattern for the summer.


20130806-212740.jpgLast are some random favorites. Because it was really hot most of the days, I drank a lot of Lipton green tea. It is really refreshing when it’s hot outside (and inside). Aother refreshing drink I loved this month is the Starbucks Refresha drink. I wanted to have a healtier snack and that’s why I tried Sultana biscuits. It’s a biscuit with dried fruits in them. I tried the natural flavour, but they also cone in other flavours. I might try another flavour when i’m finished with this pack.

That were all my favorites this month. And I’m curious what I will like this month 🙂

What were your favorites in July?

Xoxo N.

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