Product empties #1

Hi everyone!

Once every while you use a product until there is no product left. This is a post about those products, it’s a products empties. I will let you know what products I have used up, and what my thoughts were and if I would buy them again.

The first product is the Wella Pro series Moisture treatment. This is a conditioner/masque for your hair. I really liked it. It gave my hair shine, it moisturized, it detangled my hair. It was like the perfect product. I would definitely buy it again, the only downside is, that it is no longer available in Belgium. So I bought me some products from Macadamia.

Another hair product that I finished is the Schwarzkopf Bonacure hairtherapy in Color Freeze. I liked this product, but I didn’t love it. I find it very hard to find a good shampoo and I’m not quickly satisfied with it. This one in particular is for colored hair. I don’t have full colored hair, but i have some highlights that I want to nurish as much as possible, that’s why I went for a color-treatment shampoo. It does help to keep you color for a long time, but beside that, it doesn’t do much else. I do recommend to use a good conditioner with it. I would recommend it if you want a good shampoo for colored hair.

The next product is the Rituals Yogi Flow shower gel. I love this product, it has a nice texture, it smells great and it gives a spa-like feelingx. Rituals has more of these products with different scents. I did buy it again already, I bought the Yogi Flow twice again, and now I wanted to try another scent, so i got the Sunrise one which is with a orange and ceder wood scent.

Another emptie is my Gucci by Gucci perfume. This one is the eau de parfum. I prefer eau de parfum because the scent is stronger and it stays on longer. This is a really nice scent and I would definitely buy it again sometime, but I want to try another scent first. I am looking to buy the new one from Armani, Sí.

The next product is a make-up product an it is the Dior Diorshow Iconic mascara. This is a great mascara! It kind of does everything you want from a mascara. It lengthens, gives volume, it separates the lashes. I really like to use this product. I know it’s more on the expensive side (around 30€ or 30$) but I think it is worth it, somethimes you have to splurge on your make-up if you can. I already got myself a new one that is waiting to be used.

The last product is a nail polish remover (kruidvat). I didn’t really used it up, because I didn’t really like it. I used it a few times to see if it was my nail polish that was hard to remove (because of glitter or a darker color) but that was not the case. Even my lighter colors were very hard to remove with this. I already had tried another one from Bourjois, and I liked that one way better. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for a quick nail polish remover. There are other ones that work better.

What are the products that you used up and would recommend to people?

Xoxo N.

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September favorites <3 2013

Hi everyone!

It’s that time again for monthly favorites!

I didn’t try out much new products because it was kind of a hectic month. I graduated, I went cat-sitting for my uncle and aunt, I had to take care of some paper work and I am looking for a job now. So not to much time to buy new stuff.

Although I did buy one thing this month that made my favorites, and that is the Macadamia Moisturizing Rinse. It is a daily conditioner, you put it on after you used your shampoo and after a minute you rinse it out. It makes your hair so smooth and easy to brush, which is ideal for me because I have really tangled hair after washing it. I also have 2 lip favorites. When I don’t want to use a bold lip color I reach for my Nyx lipgloss in beige. It is just the perfect neutral color. Another favorite is the Clinique chubby stick in Super Strawberry. It is a slightly darker color, but it still is pretty neutral. I love the consistency of the chubby stick, it is moisturizing, it doesn’t dry out your lips and it has a good color payoff. For the eyes I have also 2 favorites, well actually 3, but the third one is the Covergirl under-eye concealer. It’s ideal to cover up dark circles. And the best thing is that it is moisturizing. I personally think it is important to moisturize the under-eye area, because it is a very delicate area that needs a good treatment. This month I used a lot of neutral eye make-up and for that I used my Wet’n’wild trio in Walking on Eggshells. This trio is ideal for a quick neutral look. And the last eye products is the Catrice Longlasting eye liner in black. Despite it is not a waterproof liner, it does stay on all day. I also use it when I go swimming, and even then it stays on. My last favorite is the grey Swarovski wrap bracelet I got as a present for the cat-sitting. A wrap bracelet was on my wishlist, but I didn’t really found one that could go with a lot of outfits, but this one surely does because I already wore it a lot.

What were your favorites during September?

Xoxo N.

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RiRi for MAC

Hi Everyone!

From tomorrow you can buy the RiRi collection for Mac in Belgium. Mac refers to the collection as “a range of decidedly daring yet classically gorgeous shades, finishes and tools, all encased in the metallic warmth of rose gold packaging. Lipstick in deep raisin, orange frost, creamy nude and the vivid red of RiRi Woo match gleaming Lipglass, while eyes in contrasting soft and smoky cocoas complement luminous skin”.

The collection contains eye shadow quads, eye lashes, mascara, eye liner, brow liner, lipsticks, lipgloss, lip pencils, blushes and tools.

It looks like there are a few nice pieces in the collection!

Will you try out a product of the RiRi collection?

Xoxo N.

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Black and gold nails

Hi everyone!

Today i’m going to explain how to get these easy black and gold nails. I got inspired by a photo I found on the internet (which is the left photo), the photo on the right is my take on it.

You will need: a base coat, a black nail polish, a gold nail polish, and a matte top coat.

The first thing you want to do is clean your nails, make sure all previous nail polish is gone. After that you want to file your nails in the shape you want them. After that you can start with the actual painting of the nails. First you want to put on a base coat, I used a clear nail polish with vitamins to strengthen my nails. After that i put on 2 coats of black nail polish (you can use 1 coat if you use a thicker nail polish). Make sure you give your layers a little bit of drying time, or you can use a fast drying top coat. After your 2 (or 1) coat(s) of black nail polish, you want to use a mattifying top coat, because your black nail polish should look matte. Last is the gold nail polish, it can be put on as if it were a french manicure. And then you should let it dry. Be sure to not use a top coat, because then your black won’t be looking matte anymore.

Xoxo N.

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Elf products (Eyes Lips Face)

Hi Everyone!

I heard a few things about ELF (Eyes Lips Face) products, and I wanted to try them myself. Therefor I went on the internet and got to their website (website…) and ordered some products.

I got 6 products for a total of 13 euros (around 10 dollar). I wanted some different products to try because I haven’t tried any of them. I got a bronzer, an eyeliner, a lip gloss stick, 2 eyeshadow sticks and a regular eyeshadow palette. They got a few different ranges in which their products vary from content and price. They have a studio line which is their more professional line. They have a mineral line which uses more natural mineral products. And last they have an essentials line which has essential items in it and contains their cheapest products. When I say cheap, it doesn’t mean that they are cheap products in the sense that they are bad, they just don’t cost that much. A lot of those products range between 1 to 3 euros/dollars.

I will tell you about my experience with the products I ordered.
Studio Bronzer – shade: warm bronzer (4€ / 3$)

This bronzer is from their studio line and has 4 shades in it. When I ordered it I was so thrilled to try it out because it looked like a really nice product. The packaging looks very luxurious. But I have to say that I was a bit disappointed when I tried it. It has a shimmer in it which I don’t like. I have an oily to combination skin and I don’t want to use shimmer on my face. When I buy a bronzer, I want to be able to use it all over my face, not just for contouring. I find that it is a bit difficult to do that with this product because of the shimmer. If it weren’t for the shimmer, it would have been a very nice product for it’s price.

Essential waterproof eyeliner pen – shade: black (1€ / 2$)
(you can see the liner on the picture with the jumbo eyeshadow stick)

Normally I don’t use a liquid liner. But I heard so much people talking about it, I wanted to try it out. I didn’t feel like spending a ton of money on it, so I tried the ELF essential waterproof eyeliner pen for 1€ (2$). I like this product, especially because it is so cheap, but it works good. It has a felt tip, which makes it a bit easier to apply than another liquid liner which has a brush. It is easy to use, it stays on for quite long. I didn’t get the chance to really test if it is waterproof, so I can’t say if it is a success in that area. But I like the product, and I would buy it again, you can’t go wrong for that price.

Essential jumbo lip gloss stick – shade: movie star (2,50€ / 2$)

I also tried the Essential jumbo lip gloss stick. Again, I heard so much people talk about different brands that has those lip pencils. And because I saw that ELF had them as well, I thought I give it a try. I really like this product. When you swatch it on your hand, it doesn’t look like it has an intense color, but the color payoff is quite nice on my lips. I do notice that they are darker and more red (which is the color I chose). They go on easily and they are not sticky. I do have to say that I use a clear lip balm under it, because I have a feeling that it does dry out my lips a bit, but I have very dry lips naturally, so that’s why I use an extra lip balm. But overall I am very pleased with this product.

Essential jumbo eyeshadow stick – shade: forest nymph and bali bound (2,50€ / 2$)

In the same trend as the last product, such sticks are also found for eyeshadow. A lot of brands have these eyeshadow sticks in their lines and I wanted to give these a try. I saw 2 colors that I liked and I couldn’t decide which one to take, so I ordered both. They do come in a few colors, but I wanted to try them in more darker colors, so I have a dark green and dark brown one. They have a bit of shimmer in them, but they don’t like glittery. They just have a shine to them. They are creamy, really pigmented and they blend easy. I like them to use in my outer corner and blend them into my crease. I really enjoy using these.

Essential brightning eye color – shade: luxe (1€ / 1$)

This is like a mini eyeshadow palette. And with mini, I mean it is really small. It contains 4 colors. Mine is in the shade Luxe and has one light beige color, a red/bordeaux color, a green/kaki color and a brown color. The pigmentation depends on the color. Some colors are more pigmented and others you have to put on more to see the color. I bought it mainly for the red/bordeaux color, because it’s a color I don’t have and never tried yet. But it doesn’t really come across like you see it in the packaging. I’m not to impressed with this product to be honest. I think you can get better palettes with a few colors for just a little bit more money, but still under 5€/5$.

Pro’s ordering ELF products: the products are very cheap and most of them are of decent quality. When you order online from their website, you get your order within 2 days.
Cons ordering ELF products: personally I think that their shipping costs are a bit high, especially because their products are so cheap. I wouldn’t order just 1 or 2 products because their shipping costs are around 7€ and that way you pay more shipping costs than product.
Other then that I really like it. For the price you can’t go to wrong, but it is possible that there are some products you won’t like. I will definitely order from them again, when I have found a few products I want to try.

Have you tried any ELF products? Which ones and did you like them?

Xoxo N.

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August favorites <3 2013

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time again for the monthly favorites. Time goes by so fast! Every month I will tell you guys what my favorite items were that month.

Most of my favourites were the same as last month, but there are a few new ones.

I still love my Bioderma solution micellaire to clean my skin and to use as a make-up remover. Another thing I use every time is my Good Luck Scrub from Rituals. It has an awesome orange/cedar smell. The products from Rituals feel very luxurious.


For make-up I have a few new favorites. First is a lip product from Rimmel. It’s the Apocolips in the color Stellar. Another new favorite is the Essentiel jumbo lip gloss stick in the color Movie star from ELF, which is a red color. I like it because it glides on easily and is not sticky, and another great thing, it only costs 2,50€ (= 2$). Another product I use constantly and love is my EOS lip balm in the scent summer fruits. I use this as a sort of base for my lips so they stay hydrated. Over to eye make-up, I’m still in love with my Inglot freedom palette. Another little palette that I used a lot and enjoyed using is my Wet & Wild (walking on eggshells), especially the color for the eyelid. I still use my Mac paint pot in the color bare study as my eyeshadow base. It’s a champagne-pink sort of color. When I don’t want to wear to much make-up I just use this as my eyeshadow color. As mascara I used my Maybelline the Rocket daily. I don’t realy have a nailcolor favorite this month, but I did love my Seche Vite fast drying top coat. It is a life saver when you want to repaint your nails often or when you just painted them and you need to go out the door.


I don’t have any fashion favorites this month. The weather changed a few times and therefor I was always wearing different things. I do have 2 accessories as a favorite though. I wore my Tiffany & Co necklace practically every day, and I’m still in love with it. It is one of those pieces that you could always wear. I picked this up when I was in New York with my friends, I wanted something from Tiffany’s and something that I could wear all the time. That’s why I chose the letter N for my name and the hart-shaped Tiffany’s pendant. Another item I wore all the time is my Fossil watch. It is a marble white one with stones around the actual watch part.


That were all my favorites this month. What were your favorites in August?

Xoxo N.

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