Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone!

First of all I wanted to wish you a happy halloween! Second, I have a quick little post for halloween-inspired nails.

I know it is nothing spectacular but I wanted something that you could also have on during the day. So I didn’t went to overboard and only went for a “statement” nail (my ring finger). I got inspired by a picture I found online and I wanted to try it out myself. It’s a simple black nail with some googlie eyes on it.

So here are the few simple steps to recreate this look.
1. Put on a clear basecoat
2. Put on 2 layers (or how many you like) of black nail polish
3. Take a dotting tool, dip it in your white nail polish and put 2 circles next to each other
4. Take a smaller dotting tool, dip it in your black nail polish and put a small dot in your white circle
5. Finish with a clear topcoat
And there you have some googlie eyes!

Xoxo N.

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July favorites <3

Hi Everyone!

I’m going to start with something new, namely monthly favorites. Every month I will tell you guys what my favorite items were that month.


20130806-212248.jpgFor skincare i really loved the Bioderma solution micellaire this month. I use it to cleanse my skin in the morning, and i also use it in the evening to take of any excessive make-up. It is really gentle for your skin. I have the Sébium version because it is for mixed to oily skin.


20130806-212423.jpgI love the Rituals Sensation shower gel in sweet orange and cedar and The good luck scrub in sweet orange and cedar wood. The scent is maybe not that summery, but it does smell so good! The scrub is a sugar body scrub and has a more coarser grain. The shower gel feels very nice. When it comes out of the container it is liquid but it sets a bit after a few seconds. The products give a spa feeling, they feel very luxurious.


20130806-212506.jpgI have a few make-up favorites this month. The first one is the Rocket mascara from Maybelline. This mascara gives your lashes volume, length and separates them. This mascara just does everything you want in a mascara. My second favorite is my Inglot palette I use one of the brown colors or the green one for a natural daily look. As a base I use my Mac paint pot in … which is my third favorite this month. A last favorite are my two Rimmel Apocalips. They have a really great color payoff and they stay on really long.


20130806-212559.jpgMy absolute favorite for this month is Essie’s Off the shoulder. It’s a bright pink color. I put it on multiple times this month and i’m sure I will use it more the rest of the summer. I like Essie polishes because they stay on for quite a while and they have really nice colors.


20130806-212642.jpgI have 3 fashion items this month. First of all I love my Michael Kors black studded flats. I have more Michael Kors shoes and they are all amazing. They fit so well and they don’t hurt my feet at all. And they look so great. It’s a win-win situation! Second piece I loved this month is my high-low dress. It’s a black one and it has lovely flowers on it. I only got it 2 weeks ago and I already wore it three times. It’s an ideal dress to wear on a casual day as well as a more dressed-up day. My last favorite item for this month is my Michael Kors bag. It is the large Cynthia logo satchel. It’s a big bag so I can fit al my necessities in it. I love the color and pattern for the summer.


20130806-212740.jpgLast are some random favorites. Because it was really hot most of the days, I drank a lot of Lipton green tea. It is really refreshing when it’s hot outside (and inside). Aother refreshing drink I loved this month is the Starbucks Refresha drink. I wanted to have a healtier snack and that’s why I tried Sultana biscuits. It’s a biscuit with dried fruits in them. I tried the natural flavour, but they also cone in other flavours. I might try another flavour when i’m finished with this pack.

That were all my favorites this month. And I’m curious what I will like this month 🙂

What were your favorites in July?

Xoxo N.

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Thursdays beauty tips #2 – nails

Hi everyone!

During the summer months I will give some little beauty tips. Every thursday a new tip will go up.

This weeks tip is for the nails. When you use nail polish colors they can stain your nails because of the color pigment in the nail polishes. An easy way to avoid that is by using a base coat. A base coat can be a clear one or a creme nude one.

It only takes a few minutes more in your nail care routine and it will prevent nail polish staining your nails! Another positive aspect of a base coat is, that your nail polish will stay one a bit longer than usual.

Some base coats also have other functions than only protecting your nails. They can be nourishing, help your nails grow faster, … So you can use a simple base coat or one with multiple functions.

Come back next week for more beauty tips!

Xoxo N.